2022 the year ahead


Well it’s here.

Can you believe that the last 2 years has changed everyone’s lives?

Some has been positive changes and some have been negative changes.

I’ve seen many of my customers having to put more staff on, where others have had to let staff go.

Who would have predicted this would happen?

Who would have thought a pandemic could destroy or help a business?

No one saw this coming.

Who would have thought Australia would have border closures?

Who would have thought you couldn’t travel?

Who would have thought Real Estate would increase at such an incredible rate?

Who would have thought people would become homeless?

I have seen so much change over the last 2 years especially when it comes to Bookkeeping. With Job keeper, with grants, different changes to STP Phase 1 and STP 2 and everything else that the Government has imposed.

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