A Virtual Bookkeeper is the best way.

More and more people are utilising Virtual Contractors, ie Virtual Bookkeepers, Virtual Solicitors, Virtual Conveyancers, Virtual Assistants, Virtual Website Designers, Virtual Graphic Designers, you get my drift.

If I have a client in another state, it is no different to one in the next town to where I live. If the client doesn’t own a fax machine, which many don’t now, they just email or use Cloud. For example, MYOB has an app and you can take a photo and upload straight away. Or even if the client uses Xero or QuickBooks, they can take a photo and attach to an email or Dropbox or Google Drive.

Many larger businesses now work like this with staff working remotely from home.

It’s no different working with me as your Virtual Bookkeeper.

I have around 20-30 clients on my books at present and 100% of those clients are not even living in the same state as me.

Have I met them face to face, NO.

Do they receive 100% customer service YES

Are they happy with my service YES

These clients are long standing clients who I have looked after (virtually) for many many years.

There is no need to see a Bookkeeper face to face anymore and if you do, we can always use Zoom to actually physically see each other.

In this economy, heading into a new decade, technology has changed, so save yourself time and money.

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