Are you a Business owner who wants to save time, save stress, grow your business and make more money?

Then you need Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping.

I don’t just punch the numbers, I read between the lines to provide you advice to help you achieve your goals, which will save you time; save you from stress and help you grow your business and ultimately make more money.

Just to give you an example.  A client of mine recently came to me and said his business wasn’t going too well. I asked him why he would say that, he explained that he has no money in the bank at all. I went looking through his Profit & Loss Statements and in fact the business was very profitable. I explained to him and asked him if I could research further and looking into his transactions and see why he doesn’t have any cash flow. Well what I discovered was he was drawing more from his personal fund then from the business account then he actually needed, which left him with not enough funds to pay the bills for the business.

So sometimes it can just be a small thing, or you’re just not sure. So if you think you may need some assistance then click this link below to book a free appointment to find out more how I use my proactive bookkeeping system and checklist to streamline your bookkeeping.

This doesn’t cost you anything, just your time, so click this link and I would love to have a chat with you about your business

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