ATO is flipping the switch on debt recovery

As you may or may not know, taxpayers in Australia are falling behind on tax debts and lodgement obligations.

With JobKeeper coming to an end on the 28th March 2021, the program is officially over. The Tax Office has confirmed that it will now resume pursuing and enforcing debt recovery.

It has come to this stage because the ATO had been sending out letters to taxpayers in February to warn them of potential action, but many taxpayers have failed to make good on their obligations.

The debt is growing and many bookkeepers and accountants have predicted that the ATO would turn to stronger enforcement, once the JobKeeper program finished.
Even though Australia has had to ensure, bushfires, floods, COVID-19, has had a significant impact on taxpayers. What is required is for people now to get their paperwork in order and that is where I come in.

The last thing you want is the ATO on your case, we as bookkeepers and accountants have been urged from the ATO office to ensure our clients continue to lodge even if they are unable to pay, with tailored payment plans as this is still available to them.

Don’t ignore the letters from the ATO, if you are worried, please give me a call.

Maree Punzet | Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping | 0429 363 047
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