Are bookkeepers in demand?

Although bookkeepers are projected to lose 65,800 available jobs from 2018 to 2028, the average annual number of openings during this time is expected to reach 188,500, which is 42,500 more than for accountants and auditors during the same period.

It’s interesting viewing online forums and social media, the number of bookkeepers that are entering the industry and the demand personally for my own business has increased.

I have been a Bookkeeper and BAS agent for over 20 years, when I first started, Bookkeeping was a select few, now there are many bookkeepers around the country.

Personally, I do feel bookkeepers are in demand and ones like myself that have the depth of knowledge, experience and have worked for many businesses in different industries.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID

Will Interest rate increases affect Businesses?

No matter who you talk too in Australia, we all know that interest rates for homeowners has increased at .25% for most homeowners with a variable mortgage loan.

Do interest rates affect businesses too?

The answer is YES.

When it comes to customers who pay interest on personal loans, home loans and car loans, the higher the interest rate, the less money in a customer’s pocket.

This can reduce their ability to buy products and services, so businesses may see a decrease in sales.

With relation to the cost of borrowing, interest rates rise, banks charge more for business loans. This means you will need to use more of your earnings to pay interest on your loans, which then decreases profit.

This can stop many business owners from starting new projects or expansion during periods of high interest rates, which then impacts the growth of the business.

When interest rates are low, businesses are confident and they can borrow more readily. When they increase, then the confidence lowers and could have a negative effect on the business.

Everything depends on the economic environment.

Businesses who invest their excess cash in interest – bearing accounts will make more money during periods of high interest rates, when rates are low, business are more likely to use their cash for new equipment and plant improvements.

As we know, there will be further interest rate increases happening during the year and will be interesting what impact this will have on businesses.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID

JobSaver boost
This extract has been taken from the link above.

‘The joint NSW Government and Commonwealth JobSaver program will be significantly boosted to give greater support to businesses and individuals impacted by the extended lockdown.

JobSaver payments will now be available to businesses with an annual turnover of between $75,000 and $250 million, up from $50 million, which have experienced a revenue decline of 30 per cent or more.

The maximum weekly payment has also been substantially increased, with employing businesses that maintain their employee headcount now able receive between $1500 and $100,000 per week, up from $10,000, with payments based on 40 per cent of their weekly NSW payroll.

Applications for JobSaver opened on Monday with more than 14,000 applications already received and almost $28 million approved for payment so far. Payments are expected to start hitting bank accounts from 31 July.

Businesses can expect to receive funds in their accounts within five to ten business days from their approval date, and the arrangements announced today will be backdated, so businesses that have already received a first payment on previous settings will be topped up when their next payment is made.

JobSaver payments are available from week four of the lockdown. Non-employing business remain eligible for a maximum of $1000 per week.

Businesses have also received much needed support from the 2021 COVID-19 Business Grant to cover the first three weeks of lockdown, with more than $118 million paid to businesses so far from more than 56,000 applications received.

For more information visit 2021 COVID-19 Support Package’
If you fit the criteria, I would definitely be checking out the 2021 COVID Support Package today and the link above that goes through the criteria in much more detail of what you need so you can apply.

If you need any help at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID

What will happen when JobKeeper ends?

Can you survive when JobKeeper ends in March 2021?

If you need help to determine your cash flow or if you have insolvency issues, then maybe it might be time to give me a call and let me help you.

There is talk that the ATO is tipped to pounce on businesses once JobKeeper ends.

If you are a business owner, I encourage you to act early on exploring your insolvency options before the ATO comes knocking to recoup debts.

The JobKeeper stimulus is set to expire on March 28, so now is the time to do an assessment on your business.

Firstly, do you have the ability to pay staff wages, rent, super, tax?

Can your business survive – post stimulus?

If the answer is no, then please contact me straight away.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID
We are a full service, insourced Payroll and Bookkeeping business that puts money back in your pocket and saves you time to work in/on your business this makes good financial sense!!

Don’t just take my word for it, outsource your Bookkeeping today.

Now just don’t take my word for it, check out my Google Reviews, here are just a few…outsource your Bookkeeping today.

A Photo by GD

Oct 14, 2014

Very reliable and efficient service, highly recommend and doesn’t matter if you are not based in NSW, we are in QLD and cannot fault her service.

Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping

8 weeks ago

Thank you so much for your kind review. That is right, it doesn’t matter where my customers are within Australia, virtually I can help you wherever you are based.

Huia Hikaiti

May 28, 2014

Maree is a professional who is patient, friendly and has a vast wealth of experience. I know I can trust her completely with managing every aspect of my books. Highly recommend Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping, particularly for all Outback and remote areas. Her service is impeccable.

Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping

8 weeks ago

Ah that is too kind of you, thank you so much Huia.

Here is the link to read more:

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Are you one of my valued and long term clients?

I can see you put your hand up in the air.

Well I recently received some amazing testimonials of late, from long term clients and you know what….it really makes my day…

I love what I do..

It doesn’t feel like work, I enjoy bookkeeping so much, I’ve been doing this for over 20 plus years now and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Yes…boring to you…but exciting to me..

So when I receive testimonials or an email from a client thanking me or thanking me for assisting them with an issue they were not sure on…it so makes my day.

So hands up who else would like to be another valued client?

Call me anytime and let me look after all your Bookkeeping needs and your BAS too!!!

Maree Punzet
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When you outsource to Maree you get the full package

Not only does Maree have over 20 years plus experience as a bookkeeper, she is also a qualified BAS agent and works closely with an Accountant.

Both Maree and Accountant Peter work hand in hand as a team if there is something an Accountant needs to view or sign off, then Maree has the luxury to give it to Peter the Accountant and visa-versa, if there are clients that only need the assistance of a Bookkeeper or BAS agent, then Peter will introduce Maree to those clients to look after.

This is a win-win for any client.

You receive the full package knowing that you are in the best hands when it comes to Maree Punzet.

If you are on the lookout for not only a great bookkeeper, but also an Accountant, then contact, Maree today.

Maree Punzet
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ATO Toughens stance

Not sure if you are aware but the ATO is toughening their stance, as employers are increasingly being subjected to a rolling series of audits by the ATO.

It means if a business is behind on their SG obligations, the Tax Office is now taking a tougher stance on non-compliance.

In simple terms it means that with the ATO audits, employers are to check whether they had SG obligations. If for example an employer has been subjected to an audit in the finalisation letter there has been a requirement for them to provide evidence that they have also met their obligations for the last quarter.

It can be a little complicated but a business may have a years’ worth audited say for 2018 for example and if they haven’t complied with the obligations for the December quarter then the ATO will open up the file and audit their obligations from July 2018 through to December 2018. It means that an employer who is continuously not meeting their obligations when it comes to this, the ATO have a right to open up the file and be subjected to a continuous or rolling series of ATO audits. This would be a hard pill for any business owner to swallow.

So if you feel that this might be something of concern for you, please give me a call on
0429 363 047 to chat further so I can help you keep compliant.

Maree Punzet
Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping
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Yes its that time of the year again, EOFY checklist for business

Now hasn’t this last financial year gone quick, it only feels like yesterday!! There are lots to do before the EOFY, so here is a simple checklist for you.

1. Ensure your BAS lodgements are accurate and up to date, if not, make sure you arrange an ATO plan.
2. Ensure your Super Guarantee (SG) contributions are accurate and up to date, if you have prior quarters outstanding, then contact me for guidance as soon as possible.
3. Are you ready for Single Touch Payroll (STP) as this takes place start date 1st July 2019.
4. Reconcile your payroll and get ready to provide your 2019 PAYG Payment Summaries to your employees ensuring that salary sacrifice superannuation contributions (RESC) and make sure reportable fringe benefits is correctly dealt with as there are a few changes this year, depending if you are reporting by STP.
5. If you are not reporting to the ATO via STP, you are required to provide 2019 PAYG Payment Summaries to your employees by 14th July 2019.
6. If you are reporting to the ATO via STP, you are exempt from providing payment summaries to your employees and from lodging a PAYG payment summary annual report.
7. Ensure all your records are compliant with the ATO.
8. If you carry stock within your business, the stocktake of inventory should be completed by 30th June 2019
9. Make sure you have reviewed your GST codes are assigned correctly to the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet items correctly to ensure you are lodging an accurate BAS.
10. Make sure your personal expenses have not been claimed as business expenses
11. Makes sure any amounts in suspense have been allocated to the appropriate ledger account
12. GST & PAYG withholding accounts are reconciled to the June BAS
13. Make sure you have reconciled your Bank Accounts, petty cash, credit cards, loans and HP/Chattel Mortgages are reconciled.
Now there are many more things to list, but if this has scared the pants off you, then contact me today and outsource your Bookkeeping and BAS to a qualified Bookkeeper and BAS agent who has over 25 years’ experience in the industry.
Maree Punzet
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Clients under TPAR regime set to be contacted by ATO

What this means is the ATO is sending letters to clients that provide road freight, information technology (IT), security, investigation or surveillance services to inform them of their new reporting requirements.

So as a Bookkeeper and qualified BAS agent, we are urging clients to speak with us immediately if you work within these industries as the TPRS regime for these industries will commence from 1st July 2019.

I can assist you by making sure all your records of payments made to contractors are up to date.

Contact me anytime.

Maree Punzet

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Single Touch Payroll

What is Single touch payroll I hear you say?

Basically it means you‘ll be required to report salaries and wages, PAYG withholdings, and superannuation. Every time you pay your employees even if you are the only employee of your business (company director) you will still need to report when you pay your own wages.

 More jobs to do I hear you say..more valuable time that I will lose…

 So why not outsource this task to a Bookkeeper?

 Outsource your payroll, so you can focus on your core business. 

 By outsourcing you will save time, save money…and save a lot of headaches along the way too!

 Much cheaper to outsource then to perform this task yourself. If you currently don’t have the bookkeeping software and you are a small business and have been doing all your bookkeeping including your payroll in Excel, then instead of investing more money in purchasing payroll software, then Maree has a great deal at the moment to be able to provide you with a cloud based software solution at a hugely discounted price.

 The introduction of Single Touch Payroll (STP) and other legislative changes planned for the future require significant changes to the way your report payroll. These changes to systems and processes are not only costly but time-consuming.

Not being complaint leaves your business exposed and subject to heavy penalties. Single Touch Payroll (STP) is no different. It adds another layer of complexity to your business.

Having an outsourced payroll provider gives you peace of mind. Your payroll process and compliance obligations are streamlined and taken care of by a professional.

Contact Maree today to outsource your single touch payroll.

Maree Punzet

Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping

M: 0429 363 047

Some common problems and issues I encounter when checking clients documentation

Over the years I have seen everything.

Some of the most common problems, mistakes and issues I have found when checking    clients work when it comes to bookkeeping are :

1. Super: Super payments that have been entered into the superannuation expense account instead of the liability account, this effectively means claiming it twice, which then will cause problems when you do your Profit and Loss Statements.

  1. Loan Repayments: Again clients are entering this into their expense account and not their liability account with GST. There is no GST on loan repayments. Also loan repayments are not tax deductible, you can only claim the interest and depreciation.

If this might sound like you, please give me a call and let me go through your documentation so I can pick up any issues or problems now!


Maree Punzet

                Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping


                M: 0429 363 047

Why would I need a Bookkeeping Health Check?

The reason every business needs a bookkeeping health check is it verifies the integrity of the data you are basing your business decisions on.


Maree is currently offering a FREE, yes you heard it right here….a FREE 1 hour Health check of your MYOB, XERO or QUICKBOOKS file.


Have you been doing your own bookkeeping? Or left it to the wife or family friend and still            not really sure if it’s been done correctly or not, you think so but just not 100% sure.


Your bookkeeping needs to be accurate, it’s like taking your car to the garage, or making an          appointment for a check-up at the dentist, we put it off until it’s too late!  But it’s not too          late to take up Maree’s FREE offer.. in the hour she will check the following:


  1. Make sure your bank reconciliations have been entered correctly and are up to date.
  2. Check the GST coding
  3. Check your coding of transactions ie have they been put to a expense account instead of a liability account.
  4. She will also check and make sure you are paying your Super, PAYG obligations.


If any of these points above resonate with you and you think there could be an issue, it could be costing you money.


If you need accurate reporting to know how your business is trading or even for a loan application you need accurate reports you can rely on.  At the end of the health check Maree will provide you with comments and recommendations regarding the accuracy of your books.


So don’t wait until something goes wrong, contact Maree today, she is a lady that is         proactive, gets on with the job at hand and will resolve any issues for you sooner, rather     than later.


Maree Punzet

                Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping


                M: 0429 363 047

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When to hire a bookkeeper

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should hire a bookkeeper.

  1. Your business is growing at a rapid rate and what once was a job you were able to do, you don’t have the time anymore to sit and go through statements.


  1. The time you are spending doing your own bookkeeping is actually costing you time as well as money, where you could be working on growing your business even more. Also this only increases your workload and the amount of hours per week spent at work each week.
  2. Treat the time you spend on bookkeeping as an actual expense in cash, outsource it to save $$$.
  3. You have found an error, but not sure how to correct it, hence why outsourcing to a Bookkeeper who knows MYOB and other bookkeeping packages can fix this quickly for you.
  4. Do you know all the new tax rules this year, if you don’t another reason to outsource to a bookkeeper.

So if you are nodding your head and agree to the above reasons, then it may be time to give Maree a call from Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping on 0429 363 047.

Maree Punzet
Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping
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Why does my bookkeeper need to sight my bank statements?

There are a number of reasons why we as bookkeepers need to sight bank statements and the main goal by doing this is to make sure there is a recorded balance of your business and the recorded balance of the bank match up.

Here is why we need to sight your bank statements and reconcile your bank feeds.

1. Validation – Data entry

Checking your bank statement we can pick up any irregularities, such as duplicating entries, entering wrong amounts and data errors.

  1. Accuracy of Financial Statements

This is such an important one, where we check that your financial statements match those of the bank. Sometimes, on rare occasions, the bank may make a mistake, so normally it is the business owner that has, so checking that these match-up is paramount.

  1. Tax Reporting

This may sound simple, but making sure your reconciling your bank statement correctly so we can generate a correct tax return for you.

This just enables us as your bookkeeper to monitor and spot any irregularities between your financial statement and that of the bank. It is also a precaution to control theft as it prevents employees or others from stealing from your company.

So to give you a prime example, we had a client once who had not done a bank reconciliation for 5 years. The client’s accountant had been doing the tax returns, but not checking it either. There were duplicated sales, missing expenses, everything you could think of. Therefore the client’s tax returns for the last 5 years were incorrect. So in this case, we had to go back and go through everything over the last 5 years.

If this sounds familiar to you, then save yourself, time and stress and call Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping on 0429 363 047 and outsource your bookkeeping today.

Maree Punzet
Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping
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Are you a Business owner who wants to save time, save stress, grow your business and make more money?

Then you need Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping.

I don’t just punch the numbers, I read between the lines to provide you advice to help you achieve your goals, which will save you time; save you from stress and help you grow your business and ultimately make more money.

Just to give you an example.  A client of mine recently came to me and said his business wasn’t going too well. I asked him why he would say that, he explained that he has no money in the bank at all. I went looking through his Profit & Loss Statements and in fact the business was very profitable. I explained to him and asked him if I could research further and looking into his transactions and see why he doesn’t have any cash flow. Well what I discovered was he was drawing more from his personal fund then from the business account then he actually needed, which left him with not enough funds to pay the bills for the business.

So sometimes it can just be a small thing, or you’re just not sure. So if you think you may need some assistance then click this link below to book a free appointment to find out more how I use my proactive bookkeeping system and checklist to streamline your bookkeeping.

This doesn’t cost you anything, just your time, so click this link and I would love to have a chat with you about your business

Maree Punzet
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Exciting things happening for 2019!

Well we have all started a brand new year. Having reflected back on 2018, Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping went through some massive changes and triumphs. We brought in a number of new packages for clients which have been fantastic for sole traders right up to large businesses.

We also updated our website to reflect our brand as our old website was quite tired looking.

We also increased our client base by 25% from the previous year.  So this year is going to be our biggest yet with marketing our business on various social media platforms and channels and increasing our client base even more, our aim is 50% increase in 2019. So we have set the bar high for ourselves and know we will achieve it.

We want to be known as the No 1 Mobile Bookkeeping service in NSW, if not in Australia.

So if you want to be taken care of by the best in the business, then do not hesitate to contact Maree anytime to discuss your needs.

Maree Punzet
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News Story – Changes since the 1st July 2018

It may be October and we have well and truly got over the busy time of Tax Returns since July 1st, but wanted to share with you all this story about the changes that have taken place since July 1st

If you need any clarification or help with your return or need assistance with bookkeeping, I am a qualified BAS Agent and Bookkeeper, and here to chat.


Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping
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