Did you know about the Single Touch Payroll Phase 2

Have you any idea what to expect and how to get ready for Phase 2 of the Single Touch Payroll. It now has a start date of January 2022, so processing payroll is about to get a whole lot more complicated.

From what I have read and understood the Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 will remove the need for manual reporting. It looks like The Phase 2 will bring more complex reporting and similar to Phase 1, many businesses will then have to prepare for the challenges of that next roll-out.
That is where I come in.

Many are technical changes whereby the average business owner may get stuck.

For example, you will have to provide a reason for termination. At present an employer may be asked to provide an employee with an employment separation certificate upon an employee’s termination of employment. So, with Phase 2 you will also be required to provide the reason for termination to be included in the STP report sent to the ATO. This will eliminate the need for an employment separation certificate to be issued to the employee altogether.

Another change will be if an employer has to submit a deduction report to the relevant child support agency, when they deduct the child support from an employee’s pay.

When Phase 2 is brought in, Phase 2 will allow employers to report child support deductions via pay events, which will then remove the need to report separately on a monthly basis. It looks to be initially voluntary reporting and if employers do not choose to report via STP, they will need to continue to report monthly as per existing processes.

What I have read also is changes to the tax treatment codes, whereby with Phase 2 they will introduce a 6-character tax treatment code to indicate what PAYG tax scales. Also Lump sum E letters, transitioning employees from another payroll system, paid leave, tax file number declaration, negative YTD reporting, allowance items, Keypay etc.
It will be interesting when the rollout happens and Phase 2 will be here before we know it.

But don’t stress, because it’s my job to know all the ins and outs when it comes to Phase 2.
Please contact me anytime if you need assistance.

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