Did you know, Maree is a BAS agent too!!!

Here are some important facts:

Since 1 March 2012 all skilled bookkeepers are required to be registered with the Tax Practitioner Board as a BAS Agent. To be registered as a BAS Agent you require:
• 1000- 1500 hours of experience
• Be a member of a professional association
• Complete a Certificate IV in Financial Services Accounting / Bookkeeping
• Complete successfully a Board approved course in basic GST/BAS taxation
• Continue their education on a ongoing basis to qualify to KEEP that registration
• Purchase Professional Indemnity Insurance annually


Not all Bookkeepers in Australia are registered, educated or BAS agents. Actually, some of these bookkeepers are Virtual Assistants, or unskilled offshore individuals with no formal qualifications, others are freelancers on Airtasker, so next time you outsource, makes sure they have all the necessary qualifications and experience.
Maree is a qualified bookkeeper and BAS agent with over 20 years’ experience, registered with the Tax Practitioner Board as a BAS agent.

You are in safe and qualified hands with Maree.
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