Did you know Services Australia will begin contacting welfare recipients from November 2nd 2020?

I am sure many people don’t.

The Government has outlined that Services Australia will begin contacting welfare recipients who they think have been paid too much, especially now that the government is ending the pause put into place due to the Pandemic.

The areas that still remain in a state of disaster such as Victoria will continue to be exempt.

Though Services Australia will not begin taking money from Australian’s until February 2021 and that the delay in this debt recovery will still allow people to plan for their future. It still provides enough time for people to consider their circumstances  and what options they have moving forward into 2021.

Services Australia will work with people to make sure the process is simple and that people will be able to commence repayments of their debt voluntarily.

It is something many people are not aware of and because of the Pandemic, Services Australia realizes this has put a financial and mental burden on many people who have lost their job or business.

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