Did you know that half of Australian workers were underpaid during the pandemic?

When you think about that, that is disgusting to think 50% of workers were underpaid.

ADP’s People at Work 2021: A Global Workforce View surveyed 1,902 workers in Australia, and reveals one in two (52 per cent) workers believe they have been underpaid at least once during the pandemic. Similar numbers (51 per cent) believe that they had been paid late, up from 48 per cent prior to the onset of COVID-19.

The ADP research also indicates two in five workers were overpaid (38 per cent) or experienced issues with their pay (43 per cent), such as failed payments or incorrect tax.

That is a pretty alarming rate of people who received incorrect pay-slips. This has caused loss of employee confidence and causing stress during COVID and many people not able to afford to pay their bills.

Not only that, “Businesses need to be mindful that employees are paying a watchful eye on their payslips. If business operators, all the way from local SMEs to multi-country conglomerates, don’t prioritise running efficient, accurate and reliable payroll divisions, they risk losing talent.

“When employees experience errors in their pay, payroll staff shift their focus to answering queries and checking historical data, distracting them from processing payments or spending time on more strategic work. Often, the first step to improving payroll accuracy is automating the input of data using integrated digital technologies.”

Hence this is why many businesses should be outsourcing their payroll to a bookkeeper, like myself to ensure this doesn’t happen. I take pride in what I do and pay accuracy is up there as one of the most important tasks that I do for businesses.

This is a real shame many businesses have done the wrong thing by their employees and in turn will reduce their workforce when people leave the business.

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