Did you know that NSW Agriculture is facing significant labour shortage due to COVID-19?

“The Help harvest NSW program is aimed at assisting residents find seasonal employment opportunities with farm producers and agribusiness during COVID-19. The NSW Government web hub has a range of jobs on offer including fruit picking, grain harvesting and working on a cattle station”

More information can be found clicking on this link below.


It is sad to think that there is a labour shortage in this important area of agriculture, where so many people are looking for work.

Maybe people need to be more open to other forms of work, yes it involves physical work, heavy lifting and bending, but as a Country many people have had to pivot in what they may have done before. I have heard of Pilots who have been flying for 20 plus years, now doing cleaning.

For those in the Agricultural field that are looking for seasonal work, we cannot pick and choose what we want to do in this current climate, so hopefully they will find more people that will put their hand up and do this work.

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