Do you have an AirBnB? Are you complaint and declaring your income?

If not, then you need to call me because the ATO are cracking down on those that have AirBnB’s and are not declaring their incomes.


The ATO can track your income and if your not earning a lot of money from your AirBnB it doesn’t matter, you need to keep your records. The ATO are cracking down on people who under-claim their rental income and this will lead you to pay back taxes, you will also incur new fines, penalties and even interest charges.

It’s not worth hiding your income.

So in a nutshell, if you aim to host a room or rent your property then you must know the tax implications of becoming an AirBnB host. You cannot under-claim your AirBnB income and you need to make sure you keep every single expense receipt.

Now if this sounds all too hard…then give me a call and I will sort your paperwork and make sure you claim all of your expenses so you can get the most out of those AirBnB tax deductions.

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