Don’t let an Accountant do your bookkeeping!

This is a pretty bold statement, coming from a bookkeeper!

But to give you some clarity, having an Accountant do your bookkeeping, is like going to a Hairdresser to get your car fixed, you don’t you would go to a Mechanic.

Do you get my gist?

I am not trying to put down what Accountants do, but when it comes to Bookkeeping, Accountancy is very different to bookkeeping. An Accountant, might be a specialist in tax related matters, but unless they are a bookkeeper, they should not touch anything that is bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping is what I do, I look after clients’ books, I get everything in order. From recording transactions such as income and outgoings, to posting them to various accounts, processing payments, payroll, conducting daily banking activities, providing various financial reports and reconciling reports to third-party records such as bank statements.

Accountants don’t do that, they look after the bigger things ie tax related matters, preparing tax returns, offer guidance on cost reduction, revenue enhancement, profit maximization, risk analysis assessments, making sure documentation is compliant with relevant laws and regulation.

That’s why it’s important to come to me first for your bookkeeping. I work closely with an accountant, that I can recommend to you, but come to me first for all your bookkeeping needs.

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