EOFY Preparation: Are your books up to date, it’s TAX TIME….

Are your books up to date?

I can see you there, shaking your head.

Was that a NO?

Well aren’t you glad you came across this post and found me.

I’ve been helping so many business owners and I know how hard it can be to keep on top of things when it comes to your books and tax time.

So if this is you, give me a call, there is no cost to you to just call me and have a quick chat and see where you are at. I offer hourly rates and packages to suit all budgets and client needs.

If you don’t want the hassle in getting your books up to date, then throw it over here and let me take care of it all.

Maree Punzet
Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping
0429 363 047