How certain are you that your business will continue with these constant lockdowns?

From what I am hearing from business owners, many are very fearful that their business may not survive all these lockdowns.

Do you think any business is lockdown proof?

Personally, my business as a virtual bookkeeper has expanded and I’m way more busier than ever, looking after new and existing clients, answering questions, helping them with their BAS and sometimes just being a counsellor and listening to their problems. These lockdowns are affecting all different kinds of businesses, not just your cafes and restaurants and retail, but those that depend on stock from delivery interstate, those that have staff on the other side of the border that can’t get through and the pain of these lockdowns is trickling through and affecting other businesses.

It’s a surreal situation for all business owners and when we look back at this, we will look out how we survived, did we pivot, did we just dig deeper, did we actually notice the pandemic, some businesses it hasn’t had any impact, some are obtaining more business and taking it while the iron’s hot as they say.

What about you and your business? Will it continue with these constant lockdowns?

If you need a bookkeeper and need help, you know I am here to help you through it all.

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