How the Bookkeeping industry has changed over the last 20 years

To be honest I cannot believe I have worked within the bookkeeping industry for over 20 years and have definitely seen many changes in that time.

What was once the traditional bookkeeper role I remember clients giving me a stack of receipts and paper bank statements, even to this day I do still receive paperwork in shoeboxes, but at that time all the information was keyed into the computer, including all their financial information.

This was quite time consuming in my early days of bookkeeping and there was no such thing as Facebook, SMS, PM etc. The old phone and email or fax machine was my forms of communication.

Compared to nowadays, us bookkeepers have had to adapt to different software, we now all have websites, we are probably a lot quicker and efficient having the likes of fantastic software packages ie Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks and now that everything is cloud based has made our lives so much easier. In fact with technology it has increased my client database to what it was over 20 years ago. I am able to take on more clients as the time it takes is much quicker then the old way of data entry and account reconciling.

The best thing now with technology in 2018 is the efficiency and being able to provide real-time information now to my clients is fantastic so I can provide up to date service there and then on the spot.

Any good bookkeeper will have solid accounting knowledge combined with quick data entry skills and also be knowledgeable about accounting software too.

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