How will COVID affect your business in 2022 and into the future?

Many business owners have not been affected since 2020 when the first case was detected and Australia started going into lockdown.

Though on the end of the spectrum, I have lost some clients myself (not many) because COVID did contribute to a few businesses closing.

How will it affect your business in 2022?

I feel more business owners are optimistic when it comes to their own business this year. Over the last 2 years, many business owners have refocused, pivoted into other areas of their business.

Some have closed one part of their business and ventured into another area which has been of financial benefit.

If anything, business owners are becoming more creative.

What they thought wasn’t possible, is possible.

Many cafes that had a bustling business are now only doing takeaway and remaining doing takeaway. They felt with the wages of staff for waitressing, was better spent in keeping the remaining staff on for cooking and delivery.

How will your business go into the future?

Have you been able to sustain your business during the pandemic?

What have you done to keep it going?

If you ever need help with your bookkeeping, I’m happy to have a chat.

Let’s hope the future looks more positive for all business owners.

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