Is Bookkeeping causing problems in your relationship?

I often chat to either a husband or wife, normally the husband who would prefer to outsource the bookkeeping instead of the wife/partner doing it, because it has caused some conflict or issues within the relationship.

It’s like the old adage, sometimes it is always better if an outside person, not related, not a friend takes care of things like bookkeeping, because as we all know, you should never mix business with pleasure.

Even though some of the best businesses in Australia are those of a husband and wife team, when it comes to bookkeeping, it’s a different story.

A lot of the time, whoever does the bookkeeping, would be better off utilizing that time better to work on the business instead of in it and if mistakes are made, there is nothing worse then blaming your wife or husband, girlfriend/boyfriend for something they may not know about or have done before.

I’ve worked in this industry for over 20 plus years and then some more and I can tell you the number of times I hear of a business needing to outsource because it’s actually affecting their relationship and causing arguments and stress. Just don’t do it, save your marriage, save your relationship and call me, Maree Punzet, from Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping on 0429 363 047.

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