Maree does more than just Bookkeeping!

If you haven’t already, you must check out Maree Punzet’s website, the link is

Maree doesn’t only do just Bookkeeping, Tax returns and BAS Statements, she also does Financial Management.

Maree has been in business over 20 years and has years of experience when it comes to Financial Management.

Wouldn’t you prefer to outsource this area of your business? I know I would!

These are the areas that Maree Punzet can help you with:

Accounts Management/Accounts Receivable

·       Invoicing, and basic debt collection cost is $70 a month up to 15 invoices.

·       Extra invoices are charged at $3 per invoice

Accounts Payable

·       She can process your supplier payments for you. Cost is $70 a month for up to 15 suppliers.

·       Extra supplier payments are charged at $5 per invoice.

Prepare all financial reports

·       Profit and loss, graphs to compare sales from one quarter to the next, or one year to another.

·       This is $200 a month per report and included will be dot point on trends and analysis.

Payroll Processing

·       1-5 employees = $110/month

·       5-10 employees = $150/month

·       10+ employees = $220/month

·       Includes payroll processing, superannuation calculation and lodgement, preparation of end-of-year payment summaries and electronic reporting with the ATO

So for the cost of actually outsourcing these tasks to Maree is small in comparison to your time. So if you want someone that can get the job done accurately and on time, then do not hesitate to contact Maree Punzet from Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping on 0429 363 047.