Money, Money, Money

Now that is a great bold heading isn’t it? Gosh money, money, money, wasn’t that a song written and sung by ABBA?

Well I’m not going down the musical path in this article, but I do want to talk about money. Why is it so important to small businesses? Money is ‘gold’ when it comes to small business, all businesses large or small need cash-flow. Money helps pay the bills, helps expand a business, pay’s the employees and also helps to pay for marketing and websites and a new CRM program or equipment and material for example. It is one thing we all need. Though when it comes to business, it is one thing we seem to not have a lot of, or we are always chasing clients for payment.

This is where a ‘bookkeeper’ comes in handy, making sure your income and expenses are entered into correctly, that you are aware of your profits and losses, how much tax you have to pay. Your incoming and outgoing expenses and just the general efficient running of the ‘money’ side of your business.

So why don’t all businesses utilise a ‘bookkeeper’? It is the most important job to do for any business owner. If you are out there making sales, getting work in only to not receive dividends of your hard work, then basically you are working for ‘fresh air’. No one wants to work for ‘fresh air’ we work for ‘money’. I hear you saying, but we do it for the love of it, deep down we all know we still do it for the money. That’s what business is about, it is difficult at times and some months are better than others, but don’t let this part of your business fail, because if it does, there won’t be a business.

Review your business model, look at utilising a bookkeeper and know that you will have ‘money’ always in your account, not ‘fresh air’. Contact Maree Punzet from Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping, I help so many clients around Australia, let me help you too!!!