Should you engage a bookkeeper onsite or go virtual?

Although most business owners can’t afford an inhouse bookkeeper and with COVID, shutdowns, it doesn’t make economic sense to have someone working in your office.
Even if you have a budget or not for a bookkeeper, the cost outweighs considerable using a bookkeeper virtually.

It is way cheaper, more convenient and your business can still operate having a virtual bookkeeper.

I have worked for over 20 years plus with 300 businesses owners or more in that time, as a Virtual Bookkeeper.

From looking after wages, BAS, profit and loss, STP, payroll, and everything in between. All the business owners have said, why did I ever think of having an onsite bookkeeper for all those years, when you Maree has worked out cheaper, more efficient and now with COVID and shutdowns, working virtually has been a dream.
I am there working virtually for your business.

No restrictions, no masks required. I am just a phone call or email away.

If you are considering utilizing a Bookkeeper virtually, then give me a call direct on 0429 363 047.

Maree Punzet | Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping | 0429 363 047
You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID