Should You Put Your Prices on Your Bookkeeping Business Website?

Ok, I’ve seen this question come up heaps on social media platforms and personally for me, my answer is YES.

You know why….most clients when they initially speak to me ask me what do I do, how can I help them and how much?

How much is sometimes the first question they ask if they haven’t look at my website. So why wouldn’t you put your pricing on your website. It shows transparency, it gives the client the ability to see what your packages and pricing are and if it suits them and within budget, then they will call.

I am not sure why Bookkeepers wouldn’t put their pricing on their website. It doesn’t make sense to me.

I understand with other industries you sometimes can’t cost a job unless you go out and see it, but for bookkeeping, when I do BAS reporting or bank reconciliations or data entry etc, I have a fixed price.

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