Can you claim your bookkeeping fees at tax

Ok, you might think this is a simple question, but yes you can definitely claim your bookkeeping fees at tax time.

It’s an expense which of course is related to your business.

Yes they can claim their bookkeeping fees 100% just like there accounting fees and for me for eg as GST registered if the client is to they can claim back the GST of their fees each quarter.

So why wouldn’t you outsource your bookkeeping to me, as a GST Registered BAS Agent, Bookkeeper these are all the little things I know, that many other business owners wouldn’t.

Bookkeeping isn’t simple, there is so much to learn and know and the regulations keep changing, so if you want to know what you can claim and cannot claim, then let me handle all your bookkeeping needs.

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Only 6 months to EOFY

It might be only a few days short of Christmas, but we are actually mid-way throughout the Financial Year.

It’s only 6 months till EOFY, that’s right. Only 6 months!

I think people forget when June 30th comes around it’s the end of the Financial Year, not the 31st December.

Have you checked your paperwork recently, are you ready for EOFY, have you been entering data, coding correctly, keeping your BAS updated????

If not, then maybe it is time to outsource your bookkeeping.

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Two Heads are better than one!

Peter the Accountant and myself have formed a great team a number of years ago. Some people like to have the option of utilising both our services in the one place.

Many times, Peter will have a client and send to me or visa versa or we work together on some business cases too.

It just depends what tasks are needed.

So, if you are in need of a Bookkeeper/Accountant, give me a call anyway so Peter and I can look after your business needs.

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Did you know UBER drivers need to be GST registered?

Now we all know Australia has been taken over by UBER drivers, UBER driving is on the increase. So I wonder if those drivers out there, realise they need to be GST registered.

In this article, the ATO is reminding people involved in ride-sourcing to make sure they understand their tax obligations. httpss://

So for any UBER driver or ride-sourcing enterprise, the ATO is reminding those that they must be registered for GST regardless of their turnover and pay GST on the full fare.

If you are a ride-sourcing service and do not have a ABN (Australian Business Number) and GST registration, then this needs to be your first priority. Remember you can also claim tax deductions and GST credits within your business. For example your car, fuel, servicing, smartphone and data usage is all claimable tax deductions.

Even if you purchase something that is used for both business and private, you can claim the part that relates to your business use.

Most UBER or ride sourcing services they like to be called generally are sole traders, unless they have other formal arrangements for their business structure.

If you would like to find out more about this and need assistance in this area, do not hesitate to contact Maree Punzet from Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping on 0429 363 047 or visit Maree’s website