Starting a business? You must apply for an ABN, here is why!

Many new business owners think that starting a new business is easy and you don’t have to apply for an ABN, which stands for an Australian Business Number.

In fact, even if you think it might be just a hobby and only make $1 you still need to apply for an ABN. When you do your tax return , if you earn $18,000 or less in the year, you won’t have to pay income tax as you are under the threshold.

Though, most people when they start a business will definitely earn more than that in the first year.

You would be surprised the number of business owners that say to me they cannot believe that their hobby or passion has earnt them so much money.

When you start a business, this is the best time to outsource to a bookkeeper.

Many business owners who have been in business for many years will say the same thing, that they wished when they started their business, that they outsourced right at the beginning to a bookkeeper.

That’s where I come in, I have over 20 years’ experience and if you are just starting out, would love to have a chat.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID

Removing the $450 per month threshold for super guarantee eligibility

It was announced on 11th May 2021, part of the 2021-22 Federal Budget that the Australian Government announced it would remove the $450 per month threshold to expand coverage of super guarantee to eligible employees, regardless of their monthly pay.

‘The change is now law by the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Superannuation Outcomes For Australians and Helping Australian Businesses Invest) Act 2021External Link with royal assent on 22 February 2022.

From 1 July 2022, employers will be required to make super guarantee contributions to their eligible employee’s super fund regardless of how much the employee is paid.

Employees must still satisfy other super guarantee eligibility requirements’

Did you know employers will need to check their payroll and accounting systems have been updated for super payments made after 1 July 2022 to ensure they correctly calculate their employee’s super guarantee entitlement.

I am sure many employers have not been updated, if you need help in this area, please give me a call direct on 0429 363 047.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID


Wages theft, are you underpaying your employees?

Wage theft refers to when an employer fails to pay the minimum monetary amounts due to an employee. Underpayment of wages is when an employer fails to pay the minimum monetary amounts, including allowances, prescribed under an award, agreement, employment contract or the National Employment Standards.

While Woolworths is back in the spotlight again, small business cannot ignore their responsibilities in ensuring staff are paid correctly.

Employees are encouraged to keep detailed records of their rosters / shifts and diary entries in relation to their employment. Fair Work may start an investigation or take other steps when they become aware of an underpayment arising from non-compliance with Australian workplace laws, even if the affected employees have been back paid.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID

Bookkeeping in 2022!

How will Bookkeeping look in 2022?

Over the last 2 years since COVID hit, as a Bookkeeper nothing stays the same, Bookkeeping changes weekly and monthly and that’s my job is to keep abreast of the changes.

Bookkeeping in 2022, will probably look no different.

As a Bookkeeper we are always educating on the numerous changes the Government is outlining, to policies and procedures.

Never a day goes by that Bookkeeping doesn’t change.

What doesn’t change is how I help each and everyone of my clients each day. I treat their business as if it’s my own.

If you don’t want the stress of having to keep on top of all the different changes when it comes to Bookkeeping, then outsource to me. Let me help you. Contact me anytime so I can help you in 2022 and beyond.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID


Outsource your bookkeeping in January 2022

Why don’t you start the New Year with a resolution that will not only save you time and money, that being, to outsource your Bookkeeping.

Wouldn’t that be a great start to the New Year.

Knowing that your business will be taken care of from BAS, to data entry, Payroll and everything else in between.

A great bookkeeper is probably the best present you will receive for your business.

Maree has been a Bookkeeper’ for over 20 years and has helped numerous clients over the this time from many different industries.

If you want to start 2022 on the right foot, then contact Maree Punzet today.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID

Wrap up 2021 with a bookkeeping bow?

You might be wrapping presents for the family with a bow, but what about wrapping up 2021 with a Bookkeeping bow?

Have you thought about outsourcing your Bookkeeping to an experienced Bookkeeper, one that has many years experience’ in the industry.

It certainly will be a good Christmas present to give yourself, if you know that your Bookkeeping is in good order going into 2022.

If you would like to find out more about what I do, please give me a call so we can arrange a scope call to find out how I can help you with your bookkeeping.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID

Don’t let the festive season be the reason your bookkeeping is not in order

Already most people have got their Christmas tree up and already buying presents and planning what to eat on Christmas Day.

But how many people have got their Bookkeeping in order.

I bet you out of 10 people, only around 4 would have their bookkeeping in order.

In the last 18 months since COVID reared it’s ugly head, many people have put Bookkeeping on the backburner, thinking why do I need to bother, work has been up and down for many businesses because of constant lockdowns and border closures.

The festive season is only around the corner and if you are ramping down your business for the New Year to celebrate with colleagues, then take this opportune time to get your Bookkeeping in order.

I can help you with this, at a minimal cost. At least you can put your mind to rest in 2022, your up to date with all your bookkeeping.

If you would like to have a chat about how I can help you, please give me a call anytime.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID

This applies to NSW only, the NSW Government has announced a suite of support measures for SME, part of the Economic Recovery Strategy.

The NSW government has announced a suite of support measures for SMEs as part of the Economic Recovery Strategy.

‘The state government announced this week that it will provide a Summer Holiday Stock Guarantee for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and will expand the Small Business Fees and Charges Rebate for all eligible small businesses.

This means that under the SME Summer Holiday Stock Guarantee, eligible businesses with an annual turnover between $75,000 and $50 million will be able to apply for a grant of up to $20,000 to compensate for loss of perishable stock, or claim $10,000 for reduced capacity to sell non-perishable items if a local lockdown occurs and they are impacted’

The Government has expanded the Small Business Fees & Charges Rebate for use until 30th June 2022.

The NSW Premier has advised that these measures are to provide businesses the confidence to open up and plan for the future.

“These measures will give businesses and workers confidence to purchase stock and invest for the future”

Do you fit these criteria?

As many businesses in NSW may be forced to shut their doors between 1st December & 31st January 2022 due to public health orders.

“Small businesses will now be able to claim road user tolls under the Small Business Fees and Charges Rebate, which is being increased from $1,500 to $2,000.

“The rebate can be used to offset NSW and local government fees and charges and adding tolls to the list of claimable charges is going to make a massive difference to many small business owners who use vehicles for work.”

If you are confused if you fit the criteria or not, please give me a call directly on 0429 363 047. Some of these extracts have been taken out of this story, link here. NSW government announces fresh support for businesses | MyBusiness

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID

The NSW Government is providing $5000 business grants for hospitality businesses

The NSW Government is providing 5,000 hospitality businesses a $5,000 grant to get their outdoor dining venture off the ground, whether that be to help setup curb-side dining or a pub-style courtyard.

They NSW Government are calling it the Alfresco Restart Package at a cost of $66 million in funding. Because of all the lockdowns, this initiative will see alfresco dining, outdoor activities and events return. The Government are hoping it will revive the hospitality and entertainment industries. With 5,000 hospitality businesses a $5,000 grant to have their outdoor dining venture off the ground, will help the people of NSW get on their feet.

As a bookkeeper who specializes and helps many cafes, hospitality businesses, I am here to assist your bookkeeping when you start opening up.

‘The Alfresco Restart initiatives being rolled out from November include:

  • The Festival of Place – including the Long Summer Nights Program at the Rocks, Darling Harbour and The Domain, Streets as Shared Spaces Program, Summer Night Fund Program and Open Streets Program;
  • Emergency temporary alfresco measures for outdoor dining in parks or on private land with the owner’s consent; and
  • $5,000 grants for hospitality businesses to establish new alfresco settings;
  • Permanent outdoor dining as an exempt development for pubs and small bars state-wide.

This package is part of the NSW Government’s efforts to slash red tape and support businesses and communities to recover from the pandemic’

For more information, visit the Planning NSW website.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID

A successful bookkeeper = a successful business owner

As a Bookkeeper it’s my job to manage the regular tasks ie
– Keep all of the records up to date
– Help in keeping your end of year accounting bills
– Assist with avoiding to pay late penalties by making sure the GST, PAYG Tax and Superannuation, compliance obligations are taken care of
– Free your time so you can work on your business rather than trying to do all the tasks of a bookkeeper
– Minimise the risk of fraud by having another set of eyes to check and oversee your accounts
– Conduct ongoing auditing and assurance
– Having someone on your side that can advise and support you in areas of your business that you may not be as knowledgeable.

As a Bookkeeper and BAS agent, I am registered with the Tax Practitioners Board and I am required and have the skills and knowledge of general accounting principles, relevant legislation and up to date current best practices.

This is my job to assist you as a Successful Bookkeeper which = (equals to) a successful business owner.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID

JobSaver boost
This extract has been taken from the link above.

‘The joint NSW Government and Commonwealth JobSaver program will be significantly boosted to give greater support to businesses and individuals impacted by the extended lockdown.

JobSaver payments will now be available to businesses with an annual turnover of between $75,000 and $250 million, up from $50 million, which have experienced a revenue decline of 30 per cent or more.

The maximum weekly payment has also been substantially increased, with employing businesses that maintain their employee headcount now able receive between $1500 and $100,000 per week, up from $10,000, with payments based on 40 per cent of their weekly NSW payroll.

Applications for JobSaver opened on Monday with more than 14,000 applications already received and almost $28 million approved for payment so far. Payments are expected to start hitting bank accounts from 31 July.

Businesses can expect to receive funds in their accounts within five to ten business days from their approval date, and the arrangements announced today will be backdated, so businesses that have already received a first payment on previous settings will be topped up when their next payment is made.

JobSaver payments are available from week four of the lockdown. Non-employing business remain eligible for a maximum of $1000 per week.

Businesses have also received much needed support from the 2021 COVID-19 Business Grant to cover the first three weeks of lockdown, with more than $118 million paid to businesses so far from more than 56,000 applications received.

For more information visit 2021 COVID-19 Support Package’
If you fit the criteria, I would definitely be checking out the 2021 COVID Support Package today and the link above that goes through the criteria in much more detail of what you need so you can apply.

If you need any help at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID

How certain are you that your business will continue with these constant lockdowns?

From what I am hearing from business owners, many are very fearful that their business may not survive all these lockdowns.

Do you think any business is lockdown proof?

Personally, my business as a virtual bookkeeper has expanded and I’m way more busier than ever, looking after new and existing clients, answering questions, helping them with their BAS and sometimes just being a counsellor and listening to their problems. These lockdowns are affecting all different kinds of businesses, not just your cafes and restaurants and retail, but those that depend on stock from delivery interstate, those that have staff on the other side of the border that can’t get through and the pain of these lockdowns is trickling through and affecting other businesses.

It’s a surreal situation for all business owners and when we look back at this, we will look out how we survived, did we pivot, did we just dig deeper, did we actually notice the pandemic, some businesses it hasn’t had any impact, some are obtaining more business and taking it while the iron’s hot as they say.

What about you and your business? Will it continue with these constant lockdowns?

If you need a bookkeeper and need help, you know I am here to help you through it all.

Maree Punzet | Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping | 0429 363 047
You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID

Constant lockdowns, need to source a virtual bookkeeper?

What I’ve heard from business owners of late, is that they are working from home because of the constant lockdowns. Looking after kids, homeschooling and unfortunately the bookkeeping is the last thing they worry about and it’s been put on the backburner.

But….this is where I come in.

I’ve been working as a virtual bookkeeper for over 20 years, with many clients who reside from Perth to Darwin and everywhere in between, so I’m used to working for clients no matter where they live in Australia.

But not doing your bookkeeping is the worst thing you can do, this is when your business will fall into pieces and that’s the last thing you need on top of looking after children, home schooling and lockdowns.

Working as a Virtual Bookkeeper for all these years has given many business owners the opportunity to expand their businesses and don’t think that because of lockdowns that businesses are not expanding.

Some businesses that I work for have been so busy that they have had to put extra staff on, more than they expected because of lockdowns, COVID and their profits have increased.
Don’t let your bookkeeping fall behind because of constant lockdowns.

Please give me a call on 0429 363 047 and let me help you.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID

Changes to Casual Employment

If you haven’t heard already, on Friday 26th March 2021, the Fair Work Act 2009 was amended to change workplace rights and obligations for casual employees. These changes came into effect on Saturday 27th March 2021.

In a nutshell, what has changed is the Amendment Act has introduced the following
-The Casual Employment Information Statement
-The Definition of Casual Employment
-Pathway for casual employees to move to full time or part-time (permanent) employment.

In regards to the Casual Employment Information Statement, now Employers will have to give every new casual employee a Casual Employment Information Statement before, or as soon as possible after they start their new job.

The definition of a Casual Employee is the Fair Work Act has been amended to include a new definition. That a person is a casual employee if they accept a job offer from an employer knowing that there is no firm advance commitment to ongoing work with an agreed pattern of work. They will remain a casual employee until they either, become a permanent employee through: casual conversion, or are offered and accept the offer for full time or part time employment, or stop being employed by the employer.

The existing casual employees, which are those casuals who were employed immediately before 27th March 2021 and whose initial employment offer meets the definition, will then continue to be casual employees under the FW Act.

If this sounds all too confusing, give me a call and let me step you through it and remember that there is a new avenue to resolve some disputes about casual conversion through the Federal Circuit Court.

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You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID
We are a full service, insourced Payroll and Bookkeeping business that puts money back in your pocket and saves you time to work in/on your business this makes good financial sense!!

Are Bookkeepers in demand in 2021?

The answer is YES

Since COVID started, it was already busy, but now that we are coming out of COVID, more people have reconsidered how they spend $$$ on their business and what is really great to see is so many more people are coming to the conclusion that it is way smarter and cheaper to outsource their bookkeeping.

It makes good economic sense.

More so now, then ever before.

With the Government making changes to requirements for businesses, business owners are confused as to what is on offer for them, what they need to do and when different things are due.
So yes, the answer is a resounding yes, we are very much in demand.

If you need assistance, you’re in the right place, just give me a call, email, pm, whatever and I can help you anytime, any day.

Maree Punzet | Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping | 0429 363 047
You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID
We are a full service, insourced Payroll and Bookkeeping business that puts money back in your pocket and saves you time to work in/on your business this makes good financial sense!!

Did you know the Government is planning to reveal a $1.2 billion extension of the Apprenticeship wage subsidy?

I for one applaud this initiative from the Government. For any business or group training organisation, if an apprentice is engaged between 5th October 2020 through to 21st September 2021, they may be eligible for a subsidy of 50% of wages paid to a new or recommencing apprentice or trainee for a 12-month period from the date of commencement. The maximum of $7000 per quarter.

As a mother of two boys my eldest son only having left High School late 2020 after completing his HSC, this is a fantastic initiative for anyone or has just left school or even those looking to change careers.

We definitely need this due to COVID and the economic challenges that are to come in the future.
I hope that businesses will take up this initiative because we need a skilled workforce. It also shows that there is greater confidence for businesses who may have held back over the last 12 months.

I myself am thankful and having children of my own it provides me some security that they have a bright future ahead.

Maree Punzet | Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping | 0429 363 047
You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID
We are a full service, insourced Payroll and Bookkeeping business that puts money back in your pocket and saves you time to work in/on your business this makes good financial sense!!

EOFY is approaching – are you ready?

Mmmm that question has made many people a little nervous this year.

I am not sure why, I think with the turbulent year of COVID and businesses being in lockdown and reopening, many people haven’t kept an eye on the expenses or they have been so busy because COVID brought more work into their business, they are way behind in their books.

EOFY is an extremely important time of the year for any business. Not only that you must have everything up to date, but it’s a good time to reflect on the past 12 months and look at how your business faired.

Many people will be worried because COVID had an impact on many businesses, some failed and had to close or they had to stand down employees, other businesses had the oppositive effect and had to put on staff to cope with the increased amount of business.

Either way, EOFY is only a few months away and now more then ever is the time when you need to outsource your bookkeeping to a qualified bookkeeper. Someone that can take that pressure off you or even just to answer a question you may have.

Many regulations and changes are taking place and Jobkeeper will be finished at the end of March. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call now and let me get you organised and up to date for EOFY.

Maree Punzet | Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping | 0429 363 047
You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID
We are a full service, insourced Payroll and Bookkeeping business that puts money back in your pocket and saves you time to work in/on your business this makes good financial sense!!

My clients refer me, so will you!

In 2020, testimonials or if you want to call them reviews or referrals are GOLD. With the current COVID pandemic and economic crisis in Australia, the last thing you would think you would receive are testimonials from your clients, but this is exactly how my clients feel about me and I couldn’t be more thankful for their continued support over the years.

I enjoy what I do as a Bookkeeper and this is just icing on the cake, when you receive testimonials. Many of my clients have reached out to me since the beginning of COVID probably more so, then ever before, but that’s what I am here for, to support, to provide advice and guidance and to make sure that their business is running smoothly.

Here are just a few recent testimonials from clients.

I am very happy with Maree’s professionalism and service. She is very reliable. Her fees are very affordable. 

Gabe Martin | Lawyer | Nightcliff NT

Maree has taken all of the stress out of my bookwork and I would highly recommend her services are truly good value for money

Graeme | Mix It Concrete | Trangie NSW

So, if you don’t believe me, visit my website and you will see more testimonials from clients. Better still why don’t you call me and let’s chat.

Maree Punzet | Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping | 0429 363 047
You didn’t go into business to do your Payroll and Bookkeeping, BUT WE DID

We are a full service, insourced Payroll and Bookkeeping business that puts money back in
your pocket. Our team works like a full-time employee and part of your business when it comes to processing your Payroll and bookkeeping, but without the cost or other concerns full time employees bring.   When compared to a full-time employee, we give you all the benefits and more but save you around $60,000 a year in costs, makes good financial sense!!



Have you been making mistakes because you have been doing your own Bookkeeping?

What is the likelihood that you may have been doing your own bookkeeping, but on review, you have realized there are mistakes that you have made and have already lodged your return?

Boy oh Boy, I would be one rich lady with the amount of times I have heard a new client tell me they have been doing their own bookkeeping for years and have realized they may have been making many mistakes over that time, which probably has cost them a lot of money.

Then don’t do it.

Outsource today to Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping.

If I was a plumber or electrician, I wouldn’t expect you to know how to do bookkeeping, no different I wouldn’t be able to fix my plumbing or electrics at home.

Only work on what you are good at.

I’m amazing at Bookkeeping and you are probably an amazing Plumber or Electrician.

So, throw over your bookkeeping to me today and let me sort it out and I’ll call you if I need an Electrician or Plumber!!!

Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping. | 0429 363 047


Can you claim your bookkeeping fees at tax

Ok, you might think this is a simple question, but yes you can definitely claim your bookkeeping fees at tax time.

It’s an expense which of course is related to your business.

Yes they can claim their bookkeeping fees 100% just like there accounting fees and for me for eg as GST registered if the client is to they can claim back the GST of their fees each quarter.

So why wouldn’t you outsource your bookkeeping to me, as a GST Registered BAS Agent, Bookkeeper these are all the little things I know, that many other business owners wouldn’t.

Bookkeeping isn’t simple, there is so much to learn and know and the regulations keep changing, so if you want to know what you can claim and cannot claim, then let me handle all your bookkeeping needs.

Maree Punzet
Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping
0429 363 047

Only a few months away to EOFY, time to review your finances

How many of you have actually recently gone through your finances for the last few months? I’m not just talking how January 2020 was when it comes to profit/loss, but I’m talking about reviewing the last 6 months.

We are now in January, well February 2020, so we only theoretically have March/April/May and June, so really only another 4 months before the EOFY.

That’s right 4 months.

Have you been making a profit?

Have you paid your staff correctly?

Have you paid your suppliers?

Have you been paid?

That’s right, how many people owe you money, have you chased these businesses for your money?

That’s the thing, when we are in busy, we are wearing so many hats.

As a Bookkeeper and BAS agent, it’s my job to keep track of all this for you each month. Sometimes I do have to make that call and do debt collection on a businesses behalf.

So does this sound like you?

Are you behind in your books, do people owe you money,well if any of the above resonates with you, then give me a call on 0429 363 047.

Let me get you and your finances up to date so when EOFY comes, it’s all smooth sailing.

Maree Punzet
Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping


Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping is a Virtual Bookkeeping business

Check out the link here.

So what does this all mean?

It means we can offer bookkeeping services to clients Australia-wide.

The internet, current technologies and cloud services all make this possible.

We maintain clientele in several Australian states even though we are NSW-based.

One of the main questions I am asked is:

How do I send you my Source Documents (for example Bank statements)?

We use various methods to receive bookkeeping documents. These include Dropbox, Google Drive, Email, MYOB Capture App and even snail mail.

What are the advantages of a virtual bookkeeper?

I save you time and money, allowing you to work on, not in, your business.

Business owners are very busy with employees to organise, orders to place, and projects to complete. The list is endless. Scheduling time to be in the office when the bookkeeper is coming is difficult.

Small business owners, operating a home-based business, may not want an employee in their home and family space.

An owner may work from a formal office which does not have space for another worker, desk and equipment.

Owners of a retail store, pub, or café may not have room for a physical office.

A mobile business is unlikely to have a physical office.

Many business owners feel it will be challenging to work with a virtual bookkeeper.

They think they need face to face contact so they can ask questions.

This is not true. Everyone works virtually (remotely) nowadays.

There are Skype and Zoom for face to face conference calls.

I am only a phone call or email away.

If this video / blog resonates with you and it’s something you have been thinking about for some time and wasn’t sure how it all works.

Call me to discuss how I can do your bookkeeping virtually.

Maree Punzet
Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping
0429 363 047

Six crucial employee awards and legislative changes to look out for in 2020

This link is a great little article and worth reading.

‘From 1 January 2020, employers must pay super on an employee’s gross rate of pay – including on any salary they have sacrificed’

If you want to know more about this, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime on 0429 363 047.

Maree Punzet

Bookkeeper | Registered BAS Agent

Only 6 months to EOFY

It might be only a few days short of Christmas, but we are actually mid-way throughout the Financial Year.

It’s only 6 months till EOFY, that’s right. Only 6 months!

I think people forget when June 30th comes around it’s the end of the Financial Year, not the 31st December.

Have you checked your paperwork recently, are you ready for EOFY, have you been entering data, coding correctly, keeping your BAS updated????

If not, then maybe it is time to outsource your bookkeeping.

Call today, Maree Punzet from Maree’s Mobile Booking
0429 363 047

Two Heads are better than one!

Peter the Accountant and myself have formed a great team a number of years ago. Some people like to have the option of utilising both our services in the one place.

Many times, Peter will have a client and send to me or visa versa or we work together on some business cases too.

It just depends what tasks are needed.

So, if you are in need of a Bookkeeper/Accountant, give me a call anyway so Peter and I can look after your business needs.

Maree Punzet
Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping
04291 363 047

New Year, New Bookkeeper!

Isn’t it wonderful when we start a new year. We are all fresh as a daisy, clean slate and everything. This is when many businesses get in contact with me because they know it makes sense to outsource to a bookkeeper.

Why not start the new year fresh and squeaky clean. Get rid of the old ways of doing things, outsource the Bookkeeping to Maree Punzet, value your time more so you can work on your business.

Isn’t their new goals you want to achieve? You won’t be able to achieve them if you continually do your own bookkeeping, wasting your time, pulling your hair out at the never ending changes the ATO keeps coming up with.

So start fresh for the New Year, outsource to a new Bookkeeper.

That’s me…just over here…

Maree Punzet
Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping

How much time do YOU spend on bookkeeping per week?

This is a question I ask every single new client that calls or email or PM me, because most people say, I spend from this many hours per week to actually a full day over the weekend, just to enter my invoices.

That isn’t even including paying wages or following up invoices that haven’t been paid or BAS. Do you see where I am getting at.

Most people are spending pending on the size of their business from the sole trader to those with around 5-20 staff then to the larger businesses of 50-100 staff. Now your probably thinking a sole trader has the time to do their own bookkeeping, your wrong.

Most small business ie the sole trader are so busy working on other areas of their business that the Bookkeeping gets put to the side, in the too hard basket and many times this is where mistakes are made and when you’re a sole trader, you don’t want to be making mistakes or errors because it will cost you and as a sole trader you know that every cent counts.

Now for those that are medium or larger businesses that may or may not have their own accounts department, why would you think they would outsource to someone like me who works offsite. Great question.

The answer is to save money. Having an onsite Bookkeeper or Accounts Department costs money. Staff wages, super, leave entitlements, where they can outsource the same work to me at a fraction of the price.

Now look at your situation, are you spending 10, 20, 30 hours per week on bookkeeping?

Give me a call, because you will be surprised how little it will cost you and you have someone only a phone call away to answer any questions.

Someone that does your work without questions, is efficient…

So use your time wisely in business, outsource to Maree today.

Maree Punzet
Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping
0429 363 047

A Virtual Bookkeeper is the best way.

More and more people are utilising Virtual Contractors, ie Virtual Bookkeepers, Virtual Solicitors, Virtual Conveyancers, Virtual Assistants, Virtual Website Designers, Virtual Graphic Designers, you get my drift.

If I have a client in another state, it is no different to one in the next town to where I live. If the client doesn’t own a fax machine, which many don’t now, they just email or use Cloud. For example, MYOB has an app and you can take a photo and upload straight away. Or even if the client uses Xero or QuickBooks, they can take a photo and attach to an email or Dropbox or Google Drive.

Many larger businesses now work like this with staff working remotely from home.

It’s no different working with me as your Virtual Bookkeeper.

I have around 20-30 clients on my books at present and 100% of those clients are not even living in the same state as me.

Have I met them face to face, NO.

Do they receive 100% customer service YES

Are they happy with my service YES

These clients are long standing clients who I have looked after (virtually) for many many years.

There is no need to see a Bookkeeper face to face anymore and if you do, we can always use Zoom to actually physically see each other.

In this economy, heading into a new decade, technology has changed, so save yourself time and money.

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Maree Punzet – Your Virtual Bookkeeper

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Did you know, Maree is a BAS agent too!!!

Here are some important facts:

Since 1 March 2012 all skilled bookkeepers are required to be registered with the Tax Practitioner Board as a BAS Agent. To be registered as a BAS Agent you require:
• 1000- 1500 hours of experience
• Be a member of a professional association
• Complete a Certificate IV in Financial Services Accounting / Bookkeeping
• Complete successfully a Board approved course in basic GST/BAS taxation
• Continue their education on a ongoing basis to qualify to KEEP that registration
• Purchase Professional Indemnity Insurance annually


Not all Bookkeepers in Australia are registered, educated or BAS agents. Actually, some of these bookkeepers are Virtual Assistants, or unskilled offshore individuals with no formal qualifications, others are freelancers on Airtasker, so next time you outsource, makes sure they have all the necessary qualifications and experience.
Maree is a qualified bookkeeper and BAS agent with over 20 years’ experience, registered with the Tax Practitioner Board as a BAS agent.

You are in safe and qualified hands with Maree.
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Happy clients….

Check out some recent testimonials that I have received.

Just so chuffed to receive the feedback I do from happy clients. Honestly, I love what I do and when you receive these kinds of testimonials it makes what I do as a bookkeeper so worth it. As you will read below, these clients are not local, so when I speak with new clients who are unsure about outsourcing to a bookkeeper who may live on the other side of Australia, then feel free to call these clients yourselves

Here are two reviews

Review 1:
WOW!! I just want to let you all know what a fabulous job Maree from Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping does. . By not having to spend hours sorting out my paperwork, I can focus on the core of my business She keep my payroll up to date including tax, super, holiday and sick pay records. Maree also works in Conjunction with a Tax agent and so co-ordinates my tax as well, so I only have to deal with one person… Now I don’t need it yet, but Maree is also a registered BAS agent so it’s good to know that when the time comes in my business to need someone to complete my BAS maree is able to handle this as well, and if I need an administration tasks done she is also a VA. It’s all so easy and even though I am in WA and she’s in NSW, we communicate via messenger, e-mail or phone and he can assist me with all my queries. So, don’t get stressed over your bookkeeping any more give Maree a ring NOW Chris Lukjanowski Green and Pristine Cleaning Western Australia

Review 2:
In running the pub, I just don’t have time to worry about my bookkeeping, with rostering and ordering stock to worry about so Maree is responsible for my entire bookkeeping function. She set up my MYOB. She handles all my data entry and bank reconciliations and BAS. Plus, she handles all my payroll needs processing of weekly wages, quarterly super and my end of financial year payment summaries. I am extremely happy. I feel that my Bookkeeper is really on top of things, keeping my records up to date, and more importantly ensuring their accuracy. I would have no hesitation referring Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping to anyone who is looking for a competent and efficient book keeping service. Doug – Coronation Hotel Portland NSW.

Maree Punzet
Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping
0429 363 047