The ATO is permanently launching the small business dispute resolution service

If you didn’t already know, but the ATO has announced its small business independent review service. It will be a permanent service, following a successful pilot stretching several years.
This service will be available for eligible small businesses with an annual turnover of less than $10million. This service will help businesses with disputes about income tax, GST, excise, luxury car tax, wine equalisation tax and fuel tax credits.

You might be asking, what about disputes about employer obligations for instance superannuation; & fringe benefits tax are not eligible for the independent review service. This independent review service is available to eligible small businesses in addition to other dispute options, ie lodging an objection, in-house facilitation.
The pilot program started in 2018, over 1200 or more small businesses have been offered the service. More than 180 small businesses have taken up the ATO’s offer. Since the pilot program started, those that participated found the process to be fair and independent, hence why it’s now been implemented permanently.

Personally, I think it’s a great initiative and extremely helpful to small business.

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