The benefits of using a Virtual (Mobile) Bookkeeper over an Employee

Each day I receive enquiries from new clients asking me what the benefits are in utilising a Virtual Bookkeeper over an Employee. The simple answer to that question is YOU WILL SAVE MONEY.

Just imagine you are the client, you’re weighing up the options of which way to go, do I start advertising in the local paper, on or asking people for recommendations for a new staff member. Do I really want to go through the shortlisting, interviewing and ultimately in the end employ someone that may not work out. Then have to go through the whole process again to possibly be disappointed once again.

No Way..

As any small business owner would know, most are too busy to interview for staff and you need to consider expense in wages to pay for this employee?

I would much prefer to employ a Virtual Bookkeeper and these are the reasons why:

As a small business owner who is based at home, I don’t want someone onsite regularly coming into my home and family space, using a Virtual Bookkeeper is great, everything is done “Virtually” by email, phone, and cloud.
I don’t really have the space for a staff member. Nor do I have the money for a desk and office equipment, phone etc

That’s right the extra expense of paying sick leave, holiday leave and superannuation.

A Virtual Bookkeeper saves time, money and stress. Why would you consider an employee, it doesn’t make good economic sense?

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