The Countdown to EOFY

Here are some Key Dates for June for the countdown of EOFY

June 30th is EOFY. All new transactions from 1st July will then go into your FY22 books. The next month of the EOFY will focus on closing out the Quarter 4 obligations.

Key dates in July 2022

With your Quarter 4 reports completed, your EOFY calendar now shifts focus to annual reporting. Which means getting things ready for your Bookkeeper/Tax Agent.

Key dates in August 2022

Make sure you have your Financial Year 2021 books showing every transaction. Make copies of all receipts and invoices ready to give to your Bookkeeper/Tax Agent.

Key dates in September 2022

Make sure you have scheduled time with your Bookkeeper/Tax Agent to work on your return. As end of EOFY could end up costly, if your documentation isn’t in order.

Remember the best thing to do is outsource your Bookkeeping to me, so everything is in order to the lead up of EOFY and also into the new financial year.

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