Tips on teaching kids about money

This might be one of those things you think about from time to time, but I think teaching kids about money in the early years will set them up during their life.

I am a mother of 2 boys and have tried to install good money and spending habits. I have tried to teach them the value of money and how saving up for something is much better than buying something on credit.

Saving is such a long-term habit and could make a huge difference in a kid’s life if you teach and start them young. Even pocket money or making them do some more chores around the home for a bonus at the end of the week ie match a dollar for a dollar in their bank account for example.

It is about teaching kids’ simple strategies about the difference between wants and needs.

A great place to start it explaining the basic needs, ie food, water, shelter, you can reinforce the concept of a want versus a need. When you go shopping with your child and they have asked for a treat when you walk down the confectionary aisle. Unless it’s a special occasion, firstly don’t walk your kid or kids down that aisle (bad idea), but unless they have earned it during the week, then it is a treat for them, because they washed dad’s car or helped put clothes on the line.

Kids should be given goals, it’s too easy to give kids everything they want, they won’t appreciate working for things like cars and houses as they get older if you as a parent have just always given them what they wanted, when they wanted.

Get kids to make a vision/goal board and help them write out what they want and how they can reach that goal. Let them earn their own money and they can start ticking off that vision board each item they have worked for, be it doing more chores around the house for pocket money or saving more each week into their bank account.

Show them and explain to them about compound interest, the earlier and quicker they start saving it will grow so much in only a few short years.

I realise this isn’t so much bookkeeping related, but I think it’s an important one to touch on, as adults if we are clever about money, we can to be saving money and using our money wisely in business.

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