What is stopping you from outsourcing to a Bookkeeper?

What is the main reason that clients hesitate in outsourcing? I think the main reason is they feel they may lose control. This happens to every business owner, it’s like the first time you allow your child to go to a play date and stay overnight at someone else’s place, that feeling of losing control not knowing what is happening with my child, are they ok? Are they safe?

It all comes down to trust.

The same applies to many business owners, small or large, it’s that feeling of losing control and having someone else take care of their bookkeeping.

I ask clients everyday what is the main reason and they say, ‘Oh I’m nervous to outsource, this is my business, I don’t want anyone to do this for me as I’ve been doing it for years, but it’s just taking up so much of my valued time.’

But wouldn’t it be better to outsource to free up your time?

Wouldn’t it make sense to outsource to a Bookkeeper that has the knowledge and expertise in this area?

Many times when I first start with a client, there has been a mistake made by them, no fault of their own, because they simply didn’t know, because they don’t have the experience or skillset in this area.

People think Bookkeeping is easy, it’s isn’t. I have spent over 20 years in this industry; I do regular training to keep up to date with all the changes? I love what I do and I have to keep abreast of all the regulations.

How many business owners could say they do training in bookkeeping, or read all the changes that are frequently happening…none…

So why be afraid to outsource?

If this is you, I offer a free complimentary 15 minute chat with you to discuss your concerns and believe me, once you outsource to me, you won’t ever go back to doing your bookkeeping yourself.

Call me to discuss your needs today.

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