When to hire a bookkeeper

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should hire a bookkeeper.

  1. Your business is growing at a rapid rate and what once was a job you were able to do, you don’t have the time anymore to sit and go through statements.


  1. The time you are spending doing your own bookkeeping is actually costing you time as well as money, where you could be working on growing your business even more. Also this only increases your workload and the amount of hours per week spent at work each week.
  2. Treat the time you spend on bookkeeping as an actual expense in cash, outsource it to save $$$.
  3. You have found an error, but not sure how to correct it, hence why outsourcing to a Bookkeeper who knows MYOB and other bookkeeping packages can fix this quickly for you.
  4. Do you know all the new tax rules this year, if you don’t another reason to outsource to a bookkeeper.

So if you are nodding your head and agree to the above reasons, then it may be time to give Maree a call from Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping on 0429 363 047.

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