Why the wife or partner shouldn’t do the Bookkeeping

The number of times when I call a business owner and the response is ‘oh the Mrs / partner does the Bookkeeping.’

That there is where the problem lies.

Firstly, not all Mrs or Partners are fully qualified Bookkeepers. Not all know what they are doing.

But because you’re in a relationship with this person, you don’t question what they are doing with your books, because of course you trust them.

Unintentionally the Mrs/Partner may be entering in the wrong information or not coding an expense correctly, not out of spite, but just because they are not experienced and because most couples don’t want to upset the other, they trust they are doing the right thing.

More often than I can count, is when a business owner calls me, because mistakes have been made and then it causes problems in the relationship, which it shouldn’t.

Hence why when it comes to bookkeeping, right from the beginning you should outsource to a bookkeeper. Someone that is impartial, but also makes your business a priority, because that is what I do. I treat your business financials as my own. If I’m helping businesses with PAYG or payroll, reconciliations, whatever it is, I do it as if it was my own business.

So instead of allowing your Mrs/Partner to do your bookkeeping, it is way better to outsource this area of your business and keep your loving relationship intact, otherwise you may be visiting a divorce lawyer instead.

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