Why would I need a Bookkeeping Health Check?

The reason every business needs a bookkeeping health check is it verifies the integrity of the data you are basing your business decisions on.


Maree is currently offering a FREE, yes you heard it right here….a FREE 1 hour Health check of your MYOB, XERO or QUICKBOOKS file.


Have you been doing your own bookkeeping? Or left it to the wife or family friend and still            not really sure if it’s been done correctly or not, you think so but just not 100% sure.


Your bookkeeping needs to be accurate, it’s like taking your car to the garage, or making an          appointment for a check-up at the dentist, we put it off until it’s too late!  But it’s not too          late to take up Maree’s FREE offer.. in the hour she will check the following:


  1. Make sure your bank reconciliations have been entered correctly and are up to date.
  2. Check the GST coding
  3. Check your coding of transactions ie have they been put to a expense account instead of a liability account.
  4. She will also check and make sure you are paying your Super, PAYG obligations.


If any of these points above resonate with you and you think there could be an issue, it could be costing you money.


If you need accurate reporting to know how your business is trading or even for a loan application you need accurate reports you can rely on.  At the end of the health check Maree will provide you with comments and recommendations regarding the accuracy of your books.


So don’t wait until something goes wrong, contact Maree today, she is a lady that is         proactive, gets on with the job at hand and will resolve any issues for you sooner, rather     than later.


Maree Punzet

                Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping


                M: 0429 363 047