Working in collaboration = All your EOFY needs under one roof

As a business owner myself and a qualified BAS agent and Bookkeeper of over 20 years, I work closely with Peter from Peter’s Tax and Accounting and we work hand in hand with Tax Returns and end to end year work between us both.

We have worked together now for many years and we have a great referral business between both of us. As some work is more bookkeeping and other work is more of Tax compliancy.

Working in collaboration with another experienced business owner not only helps me but helps Peter as well. Peter is a Chartered Accountant as I am a qualified Bookkeeper and BAS Agent, so we work on many clients returns, end of year work, BAS, reconciliation, STP, reporting, payroll.

We are both individual businesses and we both have separate clients to one another, but many times we have clients that we both look under, so you have basically two qualified businesses helping you under the one roof.

I must say it’s been a pleasure working in collaboration with Peter all these years and it’s always great to have someone else to speak to and ask questions too.

If you need any assistance with your TAX, EOFY, financials, please do not hesitate to give me a call.

Maree Punzet
Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping
0429 363 047