The COVID Rebound

Can you believe it’s been 12 months already of the 1st case of COVID. In Australia we faired pretty well compared to the rest of the world.

We are definitely in rebound mode, for many business owners, it’s survival. Some have been able to grow leaps and bounds, pivot, while others have relied on the Jobkeeper payments and still could close.

But the outlook looks to be that Australia business is on the rebound.

There has been new consumer confidence in the market, people seem to have more money, they are spending on homes, cars, holidays locally and interstate because they can’t spend that money on overseas holidays.

So there are a couple of things to think about with this rebound which is:

Look at your business and review exactly how much it needs to survive and what timeline.

2. Documentation
Document everything, if you are not already, look at streamlining your processes. Start reviewing your costs in pre-crisis revenue and margin to post crisis.

3. Inventory
As Australia is starting to reopen borders, early movers building inventory soon may benefit from pre-surge prices.

4. Prepare to Hire
I know that sounds crazy, but can you afford to add staff now or not. Do you have a HR person to help, look at identifying job descriptions, start dates.

5. Work with the best Bookkeeper
Now this one is a given, you need to talk to me. A good bookkeeper will save you a lot of $$$.

So remember, we are coming out of this pandemic and it’s exciting to see Australia rebound and show the rest of the world, how tough and resilient we truly are.

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