Can you claim your bookkeeping fees at tax

Ok, you might think this is a simple question, but yes you can definitely claim your bookkeeping fees at tax time.

It’s an expense which of course is related to your business.

Yes they can claim their bookkeeping fees 100% just like there accounting fees and for me for eg as GST registered if the client is to they can claim back the GST of their fees each quarter.

So why wouldn’t you outsource your bookkeeping to me, as a GST Registered BAS Agent, Bookkeeper these are all the little things I know, that many other business owners wouldn’t.

Bookkeeping isn’t simple, there is so much to learn and know and the regulations keep changing, so if you want to know what you can claim and cannot claim, then let me handle all your bookkeeping needs.

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Only a few months away to EOFY, time to review your finances

How many of you have actually recently gone through your finances for the last few months? I’m not just talking how January 2020 was when it comes to profit/loss, but I’m talking about reviewing the last 6 months.

We are now in January, well February 2020, so we only theoretically have March/April/May and June, so really only another 4 months before the EOFY.

That’s right 4 months.

Have you been making a profit?

Have you paid your staff correctly?

Have you paid your suppliers?

Have you been paid?

That’s right, how many people owe you money, have you chased these businesses for your money?

That’s the thing, when we are in busy, we are wearing so many hats.

As a Bookkeeper and BAS agent, it’s my job to keep track of all this for you each month. Sometimes I do have to make that call and do debt collection on a businesses behalf.

So does this sound like you?

Are you behind in your books, do people owe you money,well if any of the above resonates with you, then give me a call on 0429 363 047.

Let me get you and your finances up to date so when EOFY comes, it’s all smooth sailing.

Maree Punzet
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Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping is a Virtual Bookkeeping business

Check out the link here.

So what does this all mean?

It means we can offer bookkeeping services to clients Australia-wide.

The internet, current technologies and cloud services all make this possible.

We maintain clientele in several Australian states even though we are NSW-based.

One of the main questions I am asked is:

How do I send you my Source Documents (for example Bank statements)?

We use various methods to receive bookkeeping documents. These include Dropbox, Google Drive, Email, MYOB Capture App and even snail mail.

What are the advantages of a virtual bookkeeper?

I save you time and money, allowing you to work on, not in, your business.

Business owners are very busy with employees to organise, orders to place, and projects to complete. The list is endless. Scheduling time to be in the office when the bookkeeper is coming is difficult.

Small business owners, operating a home-based business, may not want an employee in their home and family space.

An owner may work from a formal office which does not have space for another worker, desk and equipment.

Owners of a retail store, pub, or café may not have room for a physical office.

A mobile business is unlikely to have a physical office.

Many business owners feel it will be challenging to work with a virtual bookkeeper.

They think they need face to face contact so they can ask questions.

This is not true. Everyone works virtually (remotely) nowadays.

There are Skype and Zoom for face to face conference calls.

I am only a phone call or email away.

If this video / blog resonates with you and it’s something you have been thinking about for some time and wasn’t sure how it all works.

Call me to discuss how I can do your bookkeeping virtually.

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Six crucial employee awards and legislative changes to look out for in 2020

This link is a great little article and worth reading.

‘From 1 January 2020, employers must pay super on an employee’s gross rate of pay – including on any salary they have sacrificed’

If you want to know more about this, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime on 0429 363 047.

Maree Punzet

Bookkeeper | Registered BAS Agent

Only 6 months to EOFY

It might be only a few days short of Christmas, but we are actually mid-way throughout the Financial Year.

It’s only 6 months till EOFY, that’s right. Only 6 months!

I think people forget when June 30th comes around it’s the end of the Financial Year, not the 31st December.

Have you checked your paperwork recently, are you ready for EOFY, have you been entering data, coding correctly, keeping your BAS updated????

If not, then maybe it is time to outsource your bookkeeping.

Call today, Maree Punzet from Maree’s Mobile Booking
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Two Heads are better than one!

Peter the Accountant and myself have formed a great team a number of years ago. Some people like to have the option of utilising both our services in the one place.

Many times, Peter will have a client and send to me or visa versa or we work together on some business cases too.

It just depends what tasks are needed.

So, if you are in need of a Bookkeeper/Accountant, give me a call anyway so Peter and I can look after your business needs.

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New Year, New Bookkeeper!

Isn’t it wonderful when we start a new year. We are all fresh as a daisy, clean slate and everything. This is when many businesses get in contact with me because they know it makes sense to outsource to a bookkeeper.

Why not start the new year fresh and squeaky clean. Get rid of the old ways of doing things, outsource the Bookkeeping to Maree Punzet, value your time more so you can work on your business.

Isn’t their new goals you want to achieve? You won’t be able to achieve them if you continually do your own bookkeeping, wasting your time, pulling your hair out at the never ending changes the ATO keeps coming up with.

So start fresh for the New Year, outsource to a new Bookkeeper.

That’s me…just over here…

Maree Punzet
Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping

How much time do YOU spend on bookkeeping per week?

This is a question I ask every single new client that calls or email or PM me, because most people say, I spend from this many hours per week to actually a full day over the weekend, just to enter my invoices.

That isn’t even including paying wages or following up invoices that haven’t been paid or BAS. Do you see where I am getting at.

Most people are spending pending on the size of their business from the sole trader to those with around 5-20 staff then to the larger businesses of 50-100 staff. Now your probably thinking a sole trader has the time to do their own bookkeeping, your wrong.

Most small business ie the sole trader are so busy working on other areas of their business that the Bookkeeping gets put to the side, in the too hard basket and many times this is where mistakes are made and when you’re a sole trader, you don’t want to be making mistakes or errors because it will cost you and as a sole trader you know that every cent counts.

Now for those that are medium or larger businesses that may or may not have their own accounts department, why would you think they would outsource to someone like me who works offsite. Great question.

The answer is to save money. Having an onsite Bookkeeper or Accounts Department costs money. Staff wages, super, leave entitlements, where they can outsource the same work to me at a fraction of the price.

Now look at your situation, are you spending 10, 20, 30 hours per week on bookkeeping?

Give me a call, because you will be surprised how little it will cost you and you have someone only a phone call away to answer any questions.

Someone that does your work without questions, is efficient…

So use your time wisely in business, outsource to Maree today.

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Fair Work raids uncover 725 wage-theft victims and hundreds of “unaware” businesses

For anyone that hasn’t read this article, please take the time to click on the link.

A clippet from the article:

“A whopping 725 workers have been back-paid more than $330,000 after a series of Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) raids identified worrying levels of wage theft in regional Victoria and NSW.

Less than three weeks after recovering $580,000 in stolen wages from regional businesses across Australia’s eastern seaboard, the FWO has unveiled the results of another series of inspections in Albury-Wodonga, Ballarat and Wollongong.

It found nearly half (47%) of the 489 businesses that received surprise door knocks were in breach of workplace laws, including retail outlets, takeaway shops, cafes and bars.”

In other words, there are many businesses that are not paying correct wages, businesses have breached workplace laws.

If you need any assistance with payroll, bookkeeping, BAS, even just asking a question, then please do not hesitate to contact me anytime on 0429 363 047.

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A Virtual Bookkeeper is the best way.

More and more people are utilising Virtual Contractors, ie Virtual Bookkeepers, Virtual Solicitors, Virtual Conveyancers, Virtual Assistants, Virtual Website Designers, Virtual Graphic Designers, you get my drift.

If I have a client in another state, it is no different to one in the next town to where I live. If the client doesn’t own a fax machine, which many don’t now, they just email or use Cloud. For example, MYOB has an app and you can take a photo and upload straight away. Or even if the client uses Xero or QuickBooks, they can take a photo and attach to an email or Dropbox or Google Drive.

Many larger businesses now work like this with staff working remotely from home.

It’s no different working with me as your Virtual Bookkeeper.

I have around 20-30 clients on my books at present and 100% of those clients are not even living in the same state as me.

Have I met them face to face, NO.

Do they receive 100% customer service YES

Are they happy with my service YES

These clients are long standing clients who I have looked after (virtually) for many many years.

There is no need to see a Bookkeeper face to face anymore and if you do, we can always use Zoom to actually physically see each other.

In this economy, heading into a new decade, technology has changed, so save yourself time and money.

Call me today..

Maree Punzet – Your Virtual Bookkeeper

Maree Punzet

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Do you need to be RESCUED when it comes to your Bookkeeping?

Need to be rescued?

Are you late on your BAS?

There are so many businesses that are behind, the ATO is cracking down on those that have outstanding BAS, Payroll liabilities, tax etc.

I specialise in helping businesses catch up and make sure they are compliant and up to date.

So, before the ATO come knocking on your door, don’t get caught, then contact me.

Maree to the RESCUE!!! (imagine me with my cape)…


Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping…. specialises in Rescue work – are you behind in your Bookkeeping, BAS and/or Tax obligations, Maree Punzet comes to the rescue.

Maree Punzet

Maree’s Mobile Bookkeeping

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